Greene Street Communications Awarded Contract to Provide Digital Advertising Services to the Georgia Army National Guard

Greene Street Communications, LLC (GSC) continues its remarkable growth in the federal government contracting space.  The firm is pleased to announce the receipt of an award from the Georgia Army National Guard (GAANRG) to provide mobile digital advertising services to enhance its recruitment efforts.  GSC will assist the GAANRG with raising awareness of its benefits and opportunities, generating leads for enlistment.

GSC will target students aged 17 to 24 years old, via mobile devices, who attend select colleges and universities in the state of Georgia, further enhancing the GAANRG’s current digital advertising efforts.  The service is rapidly becoming the avenue of choice for large organizations seeking a more fine-tuned approach to reaching customers with visually-stunning digital ads and videos while using cellphones, tablets and other portable technology.


Mobile digital technology allows an organization to target the right audience at the right time, instead of casting a wide net and hopefully generating solid leads.  Ads can be targeted using a number of factors: gender, age, GPS coordinates, user language, regions, postal codes and more.


For more information about GSC’s digital advertising services, contact us, today! 



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