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Our team knows how to make your communication goals a reality.

Before we even recommend communications tactics, our team performs a comprehensive analysis of your organization, its structure, its history, its audiences and its marketing needs. We conduct interviews, audit existing materials and assess current tactics. This approach enables us to suggest the most accurate, effective and tailored communications strategies in our efforts to support your mission moving forward. In addition, we understand how to implement broad-reaching strategies; how best to track earned and owned campaign success; and how to navigate an ever-changing media landscape.

We also can provide support pertaining to specific issues, projects and programs that need amplification. For instance, on behalf of the Clark County School District (Last Vegas), at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, we coordinated a series of interviews with top journalists regarding the sensitive issue of youth suicide in Clark County, resulting in increased public awareness of mental health needs among children in the form of high-profile stories. Earned media was acquired in The New York Times, on MSNBC, on NPR and in The Washington Post, among other publications and news television programs. 


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